Bistro French Revival Night

Heathcote&Co. - Bistro French July 22, 2022

Known for its electric atmosphere from start to finish, the Phoenix will rise again from the flames! An event not to be missed…

The legendary French Bistrot started life in 1977 in the historic Miller Arcade, certainly the first of its kind. However, they soon expanded into their most renowned location on Avenham Road, bringing live entertainment cabaret-style, great food, and tabletop dancing (yes, you heard that right!).

So for one night, only 23 Winckley Square are taking you back to the “heyday” of Bistro French – hosted by Adam Boasman, son of the legendary Ian Boasman.

Heathcote & Co will be serving up a 3-course Bistro-inspired supper, and guests will be sharpening their pencils for the return of the pop quiz with a twist.

Adam and the Bistro girls dust off their brushes to perform ‘Simply the Best.’ and Geno from the band Soul Deep will have you swinging and swaying throughout the evening.

While we can’t promise you’ll be dancing on the tables, we can guarantee an unforgettable party; you’ll be heading down to the le club for DJ and sax to dance the night away.

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